Retinopathies are expected to increase with an aging population and the increased prevalence of diabetes. Current treatment (injections to the eye) require outpatient visits and can be associated with adverse effect.

We propose an oral medication that will target essentially any therapeutic molecule to the eye. Our solution shall reduce adverse effect, help patients sustain their vision, lower the price of treatment and lower therapeutic dose.

  • We will synthetize modified VEGFR inhibitors based on in silico work.
  • We will test the best candidate molecules on cultured human retinal microvascular endothelial cells (HRMEC) to verify their potential to block neovascularization.
  • We will produce at least one further molecule derived from a different VEGFR inhibitor via a specific chemical modification.
  • We will test the enrichment of the compounds in the retina by exposure to natural light and upon artificial irradiation.
  • We will test the efficiency of the compounds.
  • We will prove the absence of toxicity and verify the tolerability of the modified compounds.
  • We will produce all the documents required for the human phase I clinical trial based on the experiments above.
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